The Oversized SweatSuits

The Oversized Sweat Suits

All Over Shirt

The Basic Ninja Suits

The Rescue Suits

The Electric Suits

The Oversized Suits

The Gladiator Suits

A new design called the Gladiator Suit. The suits inspiration came from armor worn in the  gladiator fights. The lines represent the chest piece of your armor in a modern way. The Gladiator is available in 2 different colorways 

The Mando Suits

A new, fine and detailed design called the Mando Suit. The suits inspiration came from armor worn in outer space. The lines represent the chest piece of your armor in a modern way. The Mando is available in 3 different colorways Khaki Black Red: Inspired by the jungle forests and swamps, Ice Blue White: Inspired by the arctics icy environment & Grey Khaki Orange: Inspired by volcano’s and their ashes.

The Predator

The Predatorial version of the hunter. Predators are known to be merciless and even hunt their own species. The geometric shapes were designed and inspired by cosmical patterns. The predator blends into the surrounding environment with the new color combinations.

The Protector

Made for accessibility with more attention to detailing. With the Protector you are ready for take-off. With the detachable hoodie and more pockets, you are able to transform your suit. The suit is designed to protect yourself and to carry extra tools.

F1 Training Suits

Made for speed. There are two different variations of the race suits: F1 Pit Stop and the F1 Race Crew Suit. The suits are designed with more attention to detailing and fabric. The Race Suits are a higher level of finesse and precision. The suits are inspired by the Formula 1 Racing Crew and theme.

Shockwave Short Suit

Based on the Shockwave Training suits we have created the Shockwave Short Suits. The suits are made in the new color combinations and are perfect for summer sports, events or casual wear. With refined details and maximum comfort.

Outfit Collection

Ceasarss first outfit drops! We have selected a number of outfits to drop every single week. We normally would launch a full collection but we decided to chance it up by dropping full outfits. We have put together a number of new items and combined them in different ways. It gives a contrasting look & feel to Ceasarss. 

Astro Rain in Paris

Meteor Showers were the inspiration of the Astro Rain training suits. Extremely hot and going approximately 72,000 km/u. Aerodynamic heating of the objects produces a streak of light, both from the glowing object and the trail of glowing particles that it leaves in its wake.

Swordfish Suits

We have added additional options in the new Swordfish Training suit design. In our well-known colourways, we introduce the Swordfish. Xiphias Gladius (Broad Bills): Highly migratory, predatory fish characterized by a long, flat pointed bill.

Hunter Suits

We have created a triple colour combined training suit. With new bright colours in the details and streamlined design, with reference to sci-fi and space, a constant inspiration of ours. The design is clean and simple which makes the suit wearable in every occasion.

Julius Suits

Julius Caesar, the brands identity based on ancient Rome. The well-known Roman inspired crown around the neck. As seen on our logo. The Julius design is our long-term brand identity. With our favourite colour combinations: Beige, Black, Khaki Green and Navy Blue.

Shockwave Suits

The Shockwave, as fast as lightning! We have upgraded the previous captain collection to the new Shockwave designs. Half zipper top in different colourways with the new innovative label design.

New Release | Ceasarss Shockwave

Essential Suits

The Essential suits were designed for total comfort. Simple lines and basic colours in the design made the suit accessible for everybody. Comfort in high quality and simple design is what makes this suit Essential to your collection.

Discovery Suits

Made for travel. Made to discover. Designed like the suits worn under the Spacesuits to keep you cool or warm when they need to.

Parachute Suits

The Parachute collection was made out of Parachute Fabric, maken the suit very lightweight. The suits dropped in 4 different colors and they are still a statement today!

Neon Collection

Fresh and Bright colors were used in the Ceasarss Neon Collection. Combining the hoodie’s with t-shirts in the same color combination. This collection was a Ceasarss Statement.

Ceasarss Neon Collectie
Ceasarss neon orange hoodie

Julius Rome Collection

Julius Caesar, the brands identity based on ancient Rome. The First Julius Collection was shot in Rome. We took some amazing shots of Amazing Roman Architecture with our collection.



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